Evolution the Rieju Brand

1934-1954  In 1934, the company's identity was defined by the artistic text "RIERA Y JUANOLA" in the style of that time. As the idea of the first bicycle with an engine was developed - the Nº1 - a RIEJU logo was also being designed. The first characteristic logo appeared in 1942 with the special graphic emphasis on the letter "R" that still features in today's trademark.

1955-1977  The RIEJU logo was further developed in 1955, in accordance with the graphic tendencies of that time. It was used for the first time on the model.

1978-1988  During a decade, in which RIEJU is consolidated as manufacturer of mopeds in Spain and obtains international recognition as manufacturer of prestige, there was in use a new design of the brand, associated with the competition enduro (it coexisted with Marathon and the big successes achieved in championships) and it begins to form a part of the historical brands of Spanish motorcycles.


1989-1999  Although the earlier logo continued to be used throughout this decade, 1989 saw a logo design featuring a symbol of a winged horse (Pegasus) to represent the brand. Alongside this development, the first corporate manual appeared covering application and basic uses of the RIEJU image.

 The trademark "winged horse" marked a radical change in the company's image and, in 1999, a completely new corporate image was presented to the world at the International Car and Motorcycle Show in Barcelona. This image was also applied to all products. The RIEJU trademark returned once more to the emphasis that had been given to the letter "R" in 1934 as a symbol of the company's identity.


2007-2020  As a result of the product and user strategy that started with the TANGO 125cc model, the trademark underwent a remodelling: although the logo is apparently the same, the trademark has been improved. It has been redesigned to make it more dynamic and more reader-friendly. The introduction of the strapline "for everyday adventure" is a response to this strategy and explains the direction that RIEJU is taking.

2020  In the occasion of the acquisition of the new enduro range by the brand, the need arises to create a new sub-brand: Rieju Hard Offroad. The main brand also undergoes some small changes to update it and adapt it to new times and new utilities.