Kit Plastiche MRT LITE Nero


A complete kit of seven plastic parts for the MRT 50 and Marathon 50 models. Black plastic LITE set, with stickers.

These decals are manufactured in our plant and are of the highest quality. Digitally printed and laminated with transparent solid plastic material. After this, glue is applied so that the stickers stick strongly. They leave no trace after being removed.

• Make sure to clean the plastic properly with an adhesive cleaner or our fairing cleaning spray.
• Adhesives must be installed at room temperature.
• Make sure you centre the decals well before sticking them on, remove the protective sheet from one corner and start to push slowly.
• It is helpful to have a cloth/sponge to press gently.
• Do it slowly and carefully to remove any air bubbles.
• It is better to apply a bit of heat to the areas where they are bent. With a hair dryer, it is enough to make the sticker more flexible.
• After mounting it, wait about 24 hours for it to settle in.


Modelos compatibles:

MRT 50 PRO SM E3 (2009- 2015)
MRT 50 PRO E3 (2009- 2015)
MRT 50 SM E3 (2009- 2015)
MRT 50 E3 (2009- 2015)
MARATHON 125 PRO SM E3 (2009- 2015)
MARATHON 125 PRO E3 (2009- 2015)
MARATHON 125 AC SM E3 (2012)
MARATHON 125 AC E3 (2012)