Silenziatore e collettore Turbo Kit


From the Spanish manufacturer Turbo Kit, we present this off-road exhaust, muffler, and collector for Marathon Pro and MRT 125cc 4T models with liquid cooling. Made of stainless steel and matte black anodized aluminium, which makes it very lightweight. The interior fibre is basalt.

It has a removable DB Killer for noise reduction. This piece hides the noise and makes it quieter. If you want more feel and noise you can remove the DB Killer in a very simple way!

Its design is sober and sporty. The expected performance gain is 5-8%! Turbo Kit's clamping system is patented and fully adjustable, which is super practical. Supplied with screws, springs, etc. All Turbo Kit products are tested for maximum performance. The materials used and the manufacturing techniques are European, which makes it a quality piece of equipment!


* Accessorio non approvato per la guida su strade pubbliche. Il montaggio di questo accessorio annulla la garanzia della motocicletta.

Modelos compatibles:

MARATHON 125 PRO E5 (2022)
MARATHON 125 PRO E4 (2017)
MARATHON 125 PRO E3 (2009- 2015)
MARATHON 125 E3 (2010)