Ray 7.7

The motorcycle you want. And it's Electric

The RAY 7.7 is a versatile scooter designed to navigate city streets with agility and travel beyond them with safety and confidence. With a wheelbase of 1,452 mm, it's ideal for both narrow streets and fast roads. The handlebars, slightly compact and with a 48-degree turning angle, make it easy to maneuver through urban traffic.

Weighing 165 kg, most of its weight comes from the 7.7 kWh battery, strategically placed to maintain a low center of gravity and enhance maneuverability. The riding position is ergonomic and comfortable, with a flat platform and an adjustable seat height (800, 785, or 770 mm), accommodating any rider. It is the first motorcycle in the world to incorporate this innovation.

The central motor delivers a continuous power of 11 kW (14 HP) with peaks of 17.5 kW (23 HP) and a torque of 60 Nm with 290 Nm at the wheel. The RAY Powerblock, consisting of the high-voltage battery (89V and 87Ah), the BMS, the inverter, and the DC-DC, features an innovative U-shaped configuration and a capacity of 7.7 kWh.

Approved in the L3e category, equivalent to 125 cc combustion vehicles, the RAY 7.7 offers performance and driving sensations comparable to a 300 cc bike thanks to its peak power.



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High temperature internal permanent magnet synchronous motor. Brushless radial flux. Air cooling.
Continuous Power
11 kW (14 CV) @ 4.000 rpm
Maximum Power
17.5 kW (23 CV) @ 5.900 rpm
Wheel torque
290 Nm
Engine torque
60 Nm
Power system and drive train
High voltage, NCR cell lithium-ion battery 89 V 87 Ah
7,7 kWh
Maximum capacity
8,78 kWh
Built-in charger
Standard: 1,8 kW. Optional: 3,3 kW.
Charging technology
Standard: Inlet for a standard domestic plug (Schuko). Optional: Schuko + Type 2 inlets.
Direct via synchronous belt. Clutchless
Charging time
1.8 kW built-in charger
4h 20 min (full charge); 3h 30 min (80% charge)
3.3 kW built-in charger (optional)
2h 35 min (full charge); 1h 50 min (80% charge)
100 km/h (constant speed)
110 km
80 km/h (constant speed)
130 km
50 km/h (constant speed)
160 km
Cycle Part
High-resistance tubular steel chassis.
Front suspension
Hydraulic fork. Progressive rate springs
Rear suspension
Double dampers (nitrogen) with built-in chamber. Progressive rate springs.
Suspension travel
Front: 110 mm / Rear: 95 mm
Regenerative braking
Proportional regenerative braking using the accelerator. Variable Regeneration System (VRS).
Front brakes
Combined braking system (CBS) Axial dual piston floating caliper. 260 mm disc
Rear brakes
Axial single piston floating caliper. 220 mm disc
Front: 120/70-15 " / Rear: 140/60-14"
Cast aluminium
2.050 mm / 730 mm / 1.106 mm
Seat height
Adjustable: 800mm / 785mm / 770mm
Distance between axles
1.452 mm
Turning radius
165 kg
Instrument panel
5-inch, multifunction TFT color screen. Joystick control.
4 riding modes
City: medium acceleration, high regeneration. Sport: high acceleration, medium regeneration. Flow: medium acceleration, no regeneration. Reverse gear.
LED lights
LED for front, rear, indicatorand emergency lights.
Front compartment
With USB connector for mobile charging. With lock.
Under seat compartment
Storage capacity for a full face helmet and LED illumination.