Rieju was well represented at the biggest and most important international enduro competition of the year, an event in which the best riders in the world took part and which was held in Argentina in 2023. Up to 14 riders on Rieju MR 6Days competed in the race and benefited from the assistance service that the brand had carefully prepared for them.  


According to the riders themselves, this was one of the toughest and most demanding editions of the ISDE ever held, taking into account the fact that the summit, with temperatures of up to 40ºC, made the race physically tougher, together with very dry special stages, with lots of stones and sand, leaving a slippery, broken and dusty ground, together with routes of more than 200km, which over the course of the race days, the participants accumulated physical and mental exhaustion.


The event kicked off on Saturday 4 November with the traditional opening ceremony, which was completed on stage with the presentation of all the participating countries. The competition got underway on Monday 6 November, with the riders having to overcome five intense days of racing between the timed special stages and their route. The FIM ISDE 2023 concluded on Saturday 13th in San Juan, with the traditional final Motocross race at the ASER International Circuit.


Numerous riders from different countries have once again placed their trust in the Rieju MR 6Days together with the official assistance, which despite the demands of the competition, have once again demonstrated the competitiveness and reliability of the bikes, as well as the good preparation of the riders, who have obtained outstanding final results, as is the case of Camilo Herrera, who has achieved fourth place with Team Chile in the World Trophy, as well as finishing 6th in E-3.


Bruno Bozzo won in the C3 class, leaving the second participant with a significant gap. Daniel Nosiglia finished 12th in E-3 and 11th in World Trophy with Team Bolivia. Walter Nosiglia also finished 11th with Bolivia in World Trophy and 32nd in E2.


Quotes from the riders:

Bruno Bozzo (Club-Chile):

"It has been a very tough 6Days, where the weather factor influenced a lot, with temperatures over 40 degrees. In the same way, I always kept a cool mind and attacked with my head in all the time trials of the race.

I have prepared a lot for these 6Days and the times in the time trials showed it, finally I finished in a historic first place in C3 for my home country, Chile.

I couldn't be more grateful to the Rieju family for their first-class support and for giving us a bike that proved its quality by reaching the top of the podium. Without this great team, the victory would not have been possible".


Dani Nosiglia (Team Bolivia):

"It has been a very tough 6 Days, for me it was the first time I competed in an Enduro race at World level, the truth is that I am very happy to have been able to reach the finish line. On the third day I had a pretty hard fall where my forearm was opened and I had to get seven stitches, from that moment I was very sore, but I was completing the days and giving everything. I'm very happy, and I'm also grateful to the whole Rieju team, who have done an incredible job, not only with the bike, but also with all the assistance, it's been a great experience and I'm grateful to everyone who has supported us".


Walter Nosiglia (Team Bolivia):

"For me it has been an incredible experience and race, very happy and proud to have finished, I am very happy with the Bolivia team for everything we have done and with the Rieju team, the bike they have given us has been incredible, for me it is a very special and important medal for my entire career; it has been a very hard race, many crashes, I have been improving my results in the classification, a very hard 6Days but very incredible".


The next edition of the FIM ISDE will be held in Galicia, Spain and once again Rieju will be there with its riders.