Alfredo Gomez wins the prologue of Hiu Selatan Hard Enduro in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the Hiu Selatan Hard Enduro was held, a three-day event with the participation of no less than 4,300 riders, including several renowned international Hard Enduro riders, such as Alfredo Gomez of the Rieju Factory Team.

The competition started on Friday from the city of Cilacap, Central Java, with a prologue on a SuperEnduro-type track in front of the beach, followed live by a crowd of local enthusiasts, a race in which Alfredo Gomez won a hard-fought victory.

On Saturday, the participants had to overcome a route between two rivers, a test in which Alfredo Gómez hit the gearshift and it broke, leaving his bike running with only the third gear. Despite this and without a spare part, Alfredo, juggling, was able to stay in the race to take his bike to the end and managed to cross the finish line in fourteenth position.

Due to this, on the last day of the race Gómez started off further behind and when he reached a steep climb, he found himself with several riders hooked up, losing significant time, to then press on, recovering numerous positions and reaching the end in a very hard-worked seventh position.

Alfredo Gomez:

"Friday went very well, starting the event with a prologue type race on the beach, in which I was able to win. On Saturday, we had a longer race in which I broke the gearshift and had no spare, so I had to continue alone with the third gear, but I was able to finish, although I finished in 14th position. On the last day, in the final, I started a little late due to the incident of the previous day, in a climb there was a lot of traffic and I tried to climb by another new route, but I could not, I tried about four times and I fell twice, delaying me a lot. In the end I made up as much as I could, finishing seventh, so well, next time more and better".