Aluminium Skid Plate 125


Protect your bike from frame and engine block damages with a skid plate.

The simple blow of a small stone can break an engine block. Fortunately, protecting your bike's engine and the frame is now easier and more affordable. Our advice: invest in a strong and durable skid plate.

This skid plate for Marathon Pro models is made of high-quality aluminium and has great impact resistance. In turn, this makes it light and solid. It perfectly fits, protects and ventilates Marathon Pro models. And in addition to protecting the engine, it also offers effective protection for the engine covers, water pump and frame.

113,17 IVA incluído

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Modelos suportados:

MARATHON 125 PRO SM E4 (2017)
MARATHON 125 PRO E4 (2017)
MARATHON 125 PRO SM E3 (2009- 2015)
MARATHON 125 PRO E3 (2009- 2015)