The 9th edition of the 24MX ALESTREM, one of the most notorious international Hard Enduro events, was held in France. Although it does not count towards the world championship, a large number of the best riders in the discipline took part, with around 600 participants. Alfredo Gómez represented the Rieju Factory Team in this race.

On Saturday morning the competition got underway with a fast Xtrem special inside the forest, a race in which Alfredo finished sixth. In the afternoon, a new race was held in the centre of the "Villa d'Àlès", a spectacular prologue next to the river, followed by a large crowd of spectators. Alfredo started very well and was in front, leading the race; but during the course he got caught up in an area of logs with another rider, being overtaken by several participants, which meant that he finished in fifth position, an equally positive result as he was placed in the first starting line for the next day.
The main event came on Sunday, starting the main race from the facilities of the circuit "Pôle Mécanique Alès Cévennes", the participants had to make an extreme route through a terrain that was in very good condition, but that in each lap was increasing the hardness. Alfredo Gómez got off to a good start and at the beginning was in the lead, but soon after he was overtaken by some riders, but knowing that the race was long and hard, he kept control of the situation and kept to himself. Then, when he overtook a lagging rider, he fell, hitting his ribs, but despite this, Alfredo overcame and decided to attack, catching up and overtaking one of the riders who had been leading the race. He continued his offensive and despite suffering other small crashes, he completed three demanding laps, crossing the finish line with his MR 300 PRO in an excellent third position on the final podium.

Alfredo Gómez:

"The race went quite well, I took it easy for the first two laps, on the third lap I had Román in front, he started to pull and I was behind, then I had a silly crash when I overtook a lapped rider, I hit my ribs but I held on; Then I overtook Teo halfway through the third lap or so, who was tired and I pushed as hard as I could to the finish line, I finished third, 19 minutes behind the first, we did 7h30m of race, and very well, we have achieved the first podium of the year, let's see if we repeat".