Mireia Badia wins her second title with Rieju as Spanish Champion in Women's category. Léo Le Quéré runner-up in the Spanish Enduro3 Championship. Pau Tomàs finishes third in Enduro1 Championship.

The final round of the Spanish Enduro Championship 2023 was held in the Barcelona town of "La Torre D'Oristà", where the Rieju Factory Team celebrated a successful season with several podium finishes in the National Championship.

This round did not include the typical Friday Super Test, so the action moved directly to Saturday. The high temperatures, together with a very dry terrain, left the special stages very dusty, with areas of intense fesh-fesh and as there was practically no air, it remained in suspension, which meant that visibility in some places was very low, and it was also necessary to be careful as in some parts the sand was very deep and the bikes were stuck on the brakes. Curiously, in this last race, the second day on Sunday was very important for the final result of the championship, as its score was double.

Mireia Badia, who once again set the pace among the women, with a fine and fast riding Mireia finished on the top of the podium, adding already on Saturday some good points that left her in a very privileged position. On Sunday, despite the difficult terrain, she once again dominated magnificently to score a double victory and logically win a new title of Spanish Champion among the women, the second with Rieju.

The 2023 season has been very good for Mireia Badia, once again at the controls of the Rieju MR she has dominated the women's category, winning all the races of the Spanish Championship. 

Léo Le Quéré finished third in the top E3 class on the first day, while on Sunday, more at ease on some demanding and broken special stages, he set some very good times to win the E3 category and sixth scrtatch. In the sum of the two days he finished second, so the Frenchman, thanks to these results, climbed the final podium as runner-up of Spain in the class. 

Pau Tomàs, competing close to his home, was very committed in every special stage, showing his aggressive style, finishing the first day in third position in Enduro1. On Sunday he repeated his performance and again placed third, so with the sum of the two days he got the third final position of the race and with it, he climbs the final podium as the third classified of the Spanish Enduro Championship in the Enduro1 class.

For his part, Adrià Sánchez, competing in one of the most hard-fought classes, Enduro2, finished in seventh position on Saturday, while on Sunday he repeated his result, finishing the Enduro del Lluçanes in the same position, the same position with which he closes the Championship.


Mireia Badia:

"The weekend went well, I managed to win both days of racing. In this competition I suffered because of the intense fesh fesh that was in the specials, in addition to stones that do not bring confidence when attacking, anyway it has been a general problem, so in the end I end up happy with the result of the two days, if I compare myself with drivers from other classes like the Senior B, I was fighting with them, for there in front, so I am satisfied with how it has gone, in addition, I have not suffered practically no problems. I would like to thank all the team for their good work, as always they have been very professional. This season with the MR 2T I have felt better than in the first season, because I have adapted and I have set the bike as I like to ride it, very happy with the way it works".