New garments 80th anniversary

Discover the new "80th anniversary” outfit of the brand and compete at the highest level without compromising the comfort of its sportswear, created to fight against all odds and all types of trials with attractive designs and high quality fit and finish.

Any good rider must be accompanied by a good motorcycle... But also good clothing! That's why RIEJU has not thought twice and wanted to present their equipment to amaze all riders and lovers of Off-Road.

The season begins with new targets, new challenges and new stages. Riders are looking for protection, safety and comfort to compete in their respective championships, and they know very well where they can find the quality they are looking for. Therefore, the Spanisn brand, in collaboration with one of its most specialized and trusted partners, MOTS, has worked very hard to offer its customers and riders equipment to live up to their expectations, providing a solution to all their needs.

Taking into account that riders drive at full speed through complicated terrain and steep slopes, it is important that they can wear the best equipment on the market to always be well protected. And without a doubt, with RIEJU everything is easier.

For this new season, the brand presents a new set finished in classic RIFJU green color that will be marketed in honor of its 80th Anniversary celebrated this year. A garment that invites us to travel back in time without giving up to have a sportswear with all the advantages of today's fabrics, but with a retro design that yearns for that era in which RIEJU began to make history.

In addition to this novelty that many were waiting for, RIEJU has decided to continue marketing its successful range of competition kits, garments that came to market last season in different colors: red, black and an exclusive blue designed in honor of one of the most important competitions in the offroad scene: the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) —held in France a few weeks ago. A set that was a great success among the public and that accompanied the launch of the spectacular MIR Six Days France.

Any of these four sets will satisfy your higherst expectations. Looking for a Rieju classic style? You got it. Looking for quality? You got it. Looking for durability? You got it. Looking for comfort? You got it. Want to try it? Take it away!

The T-shirts and pants are based on four fundamental concepts that are present in any motorcycle racing team: comfort, flexibility, breathability and lightness. All garments share the same materials and have the same advantages, regardless of color and design.

In the case of the T-shirts, they are made of polyester, a fabric that offers extra comfort, elasticity and resistance. In addition, in areas such as the underarm and collar, the material is 100% breathable. In terms of format, the cuffs and collar area are made of ribbing to ensure a perfect fit to the body, guided by the anatomical pattern that has been used to make its design. Finally, it should be noted that they are printed by sublimation —making it easier to wash the garment and increasing the resistance of the colours during the process— and have 4mm foam protection on both shoulders and elbows, protecting the rider in the event of a fall or impact.

As for the pants, these garments are made of 900D polyester and guarantee superior resistance in the event of abrasion or prolonged exposure to adverse weather conditions. In addition, they have breathable fabric in the hips and thigh area, as well as TPR reinforcement in this region of the body.

As you can see, this is a highly prepared equipment, manufactured with the best fabrics on the market and specially designed to enhance the driver's riding experience during races and training sessions.

Do not hesitate, look for your nearest RIEJU dealer or visit the official website of the brand and... Get your favourite equipment!