From Wednesday 3rd May to Saturday 6th May, Panorama, Ghelari, Hunedoara, Romania, hosted one of the national stages of Hard Enduro, during 4 days, with more than 300 km of trails to ride.

From the first day, RIEJU and Alfredo Gómez has been in the top 3. On a perfect day for the sport, the rider managed to reach the finish line in 3rd position, 15 seconds behind the 2nd classified and 53 seconds behind the 1st. Alfredo instantly won the sympathy of the spectators attending.

The following day, Thursday, Alfredo Gómez, together with the rest of competitors, put on a real show. Although he started from 3rd position, he was seen on the course of the "Marble Quarry", one of the most dangerous and spectacular overtaking areas, where he made up the difference and fought for the first place at the finish line with Teodor Kabakchiev. Everyone present was ecstatic. Unfortunately, a human error caused a delay at the Refuel point and a loss of almost two minutes. Alfredo Gómez made a real power lap to make up for the time lost and managed to finish in third position, six seconds behind the second classified and 3 min 45 seconds behind the first.

The third day, over a distance of more than 100 km, was a close battle for the top 5 positions.

The fourth day was mainly a route based on hard enduro technique, not speed. Here the standings of the previous days were turned upside down. The leader of the competition, Teodor Kabakchiev, moved up to 3rd place, 21 seconds behind 2nd placed Alfredo Gomez - Rieju Factory Team, and 8 seconds behind Michael Walkner, who took 1st place on the fourth day.
It was a four-day competition, which ranks RIEJU FACTORY TEAM and flagship  rider Alfredo Gómez in 3rd place, in his first participation on this bike in Romania.

This competition was for Alfredo Gomez a training for the stage of the World Championship in Serbia: Xross Hard Enduro Rally that will take place from 17 to 20 May 2023.