In the British GP, the last round of the 2024 SuperEnduro World Championship, Will Hoare finished fifth and Dominik Olszowy sixth. Rieju takes 4th place in the world brand ranking

The 2024 SuperEnduro World Championship came to an end with the British GP, the last round held last Saturday in Newcastle.


This seventh competition was marked by a large number of enthusiasts, who were mainly cheering on the numerous local riders at the Utilita Arena stadium.


Right from the start, Rieju Factory Racing's Will Hoare qualified for the SuperPole and obtained the third fastest time on a fast, but slippery and demanding track, combining natural and artificial obstacles.


With this, Will Hoare started in the first final battling for the top five, a position he held until finishing in fifth place. Dominik Olszowy, who started in the second line, got caught when he reached the area of the stones, being overtaken by his rivals and being forced to move up positions to cross the finish line in seventh position.


In the second final it was Olszowy who took the lead to position himself among the front group, but first a small mistake and then a crash, delayed him, finishing eighth, while Hoare was attacking and got into the fight of the leading riders, finishing fifth.


The last race of the night improved for Olszowy who made a good start among the front group, placing himself in fourth place provisionally, a position he managed to maintain for the rest of the race, obtaining his best result of this GP, finishing fourth. Hoare, despite a good start, was overtaken shortly after by a group of riders, finishing seventh.


With the combination of the three Prestige class results, Will Hoare finished the night in fifth place overall and Dominik Olszowy in sixth. Regarding the final standings of the 2024 SuperEnduro World Championship, Will Hoare finishes in fourth place with 240 points and Dominik Olszowy is fifth with 221 points.


In the final classification of brands, Rieju has a total of 402 points, finishing in fourth place in the championship, a short distance behind third place.


Will Hoare:

“Very happy with the fourth place in the final overall standings of the SuperEnduro World Championship this season. After each race I felt more comfortable on my Rieju MR 300. Now I'm looking forward to train well during the next months to prepare for the start of the Hard Enduro World Championship.


I want to thank all my sponsors for supporting me during this season”.


Dominik Olszowy:

“The British Grand Prix was great. The Newcastle track was slippery and technical, so I was hoping to get a good result. Unfortunately I made too many mistakes at the start of the first two races and couldn't find my rhythm. I managed to improve in the last final, made a good start, stayed consistent and finished fourth. In the overall standings I got sixth place. I am not satisfied with the results, I think we can fight for much more.”.



British GP Prestige class standings


1º Billy Bolt (Husqvarna) 63 points

2º Jonny Walker (Beta) 49 points

3º Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM) 47 points

4º Mitch Brightmore (GASGAS) 39 points

5º Will Hoare (Rieju) 32 points

6º Dominik Olszowy (Rieju) 30 points


Final standings SuperEnduro World Championship 2024

1º Billy Bolt (Husqvarna) 427 points

2º Jonny Walker (Beta) 354 points

3º Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM) 287 points

4º Will Hoare (Rieju) 240 points

5º Mitch Brightmore (GASGAS) 230 points

6º Dominik Olszowy (Rieju) 220 points


Final standings World Championship of Brands

1ª Husqvarna 585 points

2ª Beta 559 points

3ª GASGAS 427 points

4ª Rieju 402 points

5ª KTM  284 points