Brake Pads Galfer

MR Power Parts

These Galfer metallic brake pads are specifically designed for Off-Road motorbikes and are characterized by their high braking power in any type of driving (wet or dry) and temperature, in addition to a longer lifespan than the organic compound.

At the same time, they do not suffer from FADING (loss of braking efficiency due to overheating of the discs or continuous use of the brakes).

This model stands out for:
• With its reliable, adjustable and progressive braking, it can withstand all weather conditions.
• High performance at low and high temperatures, and offers better friction in wet versus dry conditions.
• High durability.


Compatible Models:

MR RANGER 200 (2022- 2023)
MR RANGER 300 (2022- 2023)
MR RANGER 200 (2021)
MR RANGER 300 (2021)
MR RANGER 200 (2024)
MR RANGER 300 (2024)