Bye Bike Pannier Racks for Side Bags


These pannier racks for side bags, suitable for Bye Bike models are ideal for those who seek a balance between functionality and aesthetics of the vehicle. Its objective is to allow safe and stable pannier rack fixation to the vehicle. It guarantees a reduction in saddlebag wear and tear due to its proximity to the exhaust pipe.

• Pannier racks for side bags with an integrated design into the bike.
• Sold in pairs.
• Lightweight and improved security.
• Easy and quick to assemble.
• Matte black colour.
• Includes mounting screws kit.


Compatible Models:

BYE BIKE 45 KM/H E4 (2017- 2020)
HOBBY BYE BIKE 45 KM/H E4 (2018- 2020)