Complete Front Headlight Black

MR Power Parts

Light up the road in front of you with this great headlight!

It is an essential accessory for any Enduro lover. Designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, it has a strong and durable housing that protects the optics. Attached with the help of the supplied sturdy rubber straps clamped around the fork legs.

Its aerodynamic design ensures excellent visibility on the road, allowing drivers to focus on driving without distractions.

Provides bright and clear lighting whether you are on dark roads or rough terrains.

Available in two colours, black and white.


Compatible Models:

MR PRO 200 (2023)
MR PRO 250 (2023)
MR PRO 300 (2023)
MR PRO 200 (2022)
MR PRO 250 (2022)
MR PRO 300 (2022)
MR PRO 200 (2024)
MR PRO 300 (2024)
MR RACING 300 (2024)