Complete Plastic Kit MR Black

MR Power Parts

Do you want a redesigned and updated look on your bike? A brand-new Polisport plastic kit is the best option!

The plastics are made by Polisport, a manufacturer of enduro plastic parts.

Polisport uses the unique "Durable Gloss Polypropylene" technique that makes the plastic better in colour and durability than the competition. The plastic parts are of high quality and highly resistant to UV, which allows the colour of the part to be maintained for longer. Excellent fit.

The kit consists of the following parts:
• 1x Front fender.
• 1x Rear fender.
• 1x Left radiator cover.
• 1x Right radiator cover.
• 1x Right number plate.
• 1x Left number plate.
• 1x Set of fork protectors.
• 1x Headlight mask.
• 1x Polisport QWEST hand guard set.


Compatible Models:

MR PRO 200 (2023)
MR PRO 250 (2023)
MR PRO 300 (2023)
MR PRO 200 (2022)
MR PRO 250 (2022)
MR PRO 300 (2022)