MR Racing 2024 Seat Cover

MR Power Parts

The brand-new MR Racing 2024 seat cover offers extreme grip in all weather conditions, optimal durability and total waterproofing.

• Maximum grip in all weather conditions. A balance between maximum and minimum grip makes you feel better when driving, prevents arm stiffness and offers a much more relaxed experience. Perfect for saving energy until the end of the competition!

• A 100% waterproof cover that extends the life of the padding, as it remains dry at all times. Additionally, the padding is extremely lightweight.

• As maximum grip is achieved, energy is saved and the motorbike lasts longer. You only have to worry about being the best, instead of fatigue and stiff arms.

• High durability.


Compatible Models:

MR RACING 200 (2024)
MR RACING 250 (2024)
MR RACING 300 (2024)