MRT Enduro Wheel Set


A completely updated set of front and rear wheels for RIEJU MRT Enduro. They fit all MRT 50 and Marathon 125 standard models without an inverted fork. They will not fit Pro models because the brake discs are not the same. Off-road wheels of this type are available in 18 and 21 inches and are only compatible with the indicated models. They are delivered assembled, as in the picture.

This set of wheels includes:
• 1x 80/90-21" spoked front rim.
• 1x 100/80-18" spoked back rim.
• 1x front tire.
• 1x rear tire.
• 2x air chambers.
• 1x Ø260 front brake disc.
• 1x Ø202 PT101 rear brake disc.
• 1x rear sprocket of 62 teeth.
• 1x front air chamber protector 815 x 25 mm - 21".
• 1x rear air chamber protector 680 x 27 mm - 18".


Compatible Models:

MRT 50 SM LOW E5 V2 (2022)
MRT 50 SM LOW E5 V1 (2021)
MRT 50 SM LOW E4 (2018)
MRT 50 SM E3 (2009- 2015)