Pants Hard Off-Road Red


RIEJU has launched its enduro gear line for 2021, and you won't see anything more beautiful.

RIEJU offers its users decades of experience in all areas of competition. Comfort, flexibility, lightness and longevity are the characteristics that best define our products, so get yours today and get on the bike with style.

• Polyester 900D fabric and breathable fabric.
• Resistant to abrasion and comfortability.
• Breathable fabric on the hips and thighs.
• Adjustable waist.
• Breathable TPR thigh.
• The articulation areas are elasticized for maximum comfort.

Size: S 0/000.001.0275
Size: M 0/000.001.0276
Size: L 0/000.001.0277
Size: XL 0/000.001.0278
Size: XXL 0/000.001.0279