Tecnigas Muffler MR Ranger

MR Power Parts

This Tecnigas muffler increases power at the bottom, without losing power at the top.

Reduces noise and improves your bike's performance in extreme conditions. Whether you're competing in a race or just enjoying a ride in the countryside, this Tecnigas muffler gives you top performance every time.

Manufactured with strong and durable materials, ensuring a long lifespan. In addition to its high resistance, it has an attractive design that improves your motorbike's aesthetics.


Compatible Models:

MR RANGER 200 (2022- 2023)
MR RANGER 300 (2022- 2023)
MR RANGER 200 (2021)
MR RANGER 300 (2021)
MR RANGER 200 (2024)
MR RANGER 300 (2024)