As the concern for preserving the environment around us grows, the industry is facing new challenges to make its way towards sustainable mobility. Faced with this paradigm shift, the Spanish manufacturer has presented its new and charismatic RIEJU E-Tango 2024.


The ideal synthesis between motorcycle and bicycle capable of giving us the best of both worlds without having to give up anything at all. An ideal combination where the compact dimensions, reduced weight, versatility and agility of an e-Bike are mixed with the power, performance and capabilities of a conventional motorcycle. In other words: a perfect cocktail of pure fun and practicality on wheels. This is undoubtedly a stylish, revolutionary and addictive electric bike for Off-road enthusiasts, which is the best place to exploit its great skills to the full.


The new E-Tango is equipped with a 4 kW electric drive (L1E version), with moped-equivalent approval, energy regeneration function and 3 different riding modes that allow you to adjust the behavior of the bike to the preferences of each rider:


Turtle Mode: optimizes battery life and limits speed and power output.

Rabbit Mode: ideal for off-road riding. Balanced battery life and performance.

Rocket Mode: maximum performance to overcome any obstacle on the road.



A very interesting proposal aimed at all ages and riding levels. In addition, this small and playful E-Tango has a maximum speed of 45 km/h in its homologated and registrable version, and offers a great autonomy. More than enough arguments to turn every getaway into an incomparable experience.


In addition, this model is characterized by its quick charge function, reaching 100% capacity in less than 4 hours. Undoubtedly, a great incentive for all those users who want to make the most of their time. In addition, given the capacity of its 43 AH removable battery and its excellent autonomy, we can say that this is a really efficient model that guarantees long hours of fun.


In terms of the cycle part, this little atomic ant mounts a high-strength steel perimeter frame, fully adjustable inverted fork with 200 mm travel, Mono-shock shock absorber adjustable by connecting rods, 4-piston hydraulic front and rear brakes with 210 mm diameter discs and 19" and 18" wheels respectively. A remarkable advantage, especially in uneven and complex terrain, which allows to overcome any obstacle easily and quickly.


It is undeniable that this is a different and daring vehicle, whose design leaves no one indifferent. A safe bet for those who want to make a difference and move in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, without sacrificing maximum enjoyment.


And it doesn't end there! RIEJU's new addition comes with an ace up its sleeve. The brand offers the possibility of acquiring a non-homologated version for exclusive use in closed circuits. The best option for those intrepid people who want to experience the most extreme fun and get the most out of its 5 KW engine, which releases all its power up to 10.5 kW of pure fun. 


Just you, her and a new adventure to discover and enjoy.

An invitation that, definitely, few will be able to refuse.