The new MR HARD ENDURO ALFREDO GÓMEZ Replica has arrived on the market, a Limited Series of 100 Numbered Units that has generated great expectation. Fans of this tough discipline, with special mention to the fans of the Spanish rider, will be delighted to know that this year a new MR Hard Enduro lands in the segment that pays tribute to our Great Champion, RIEJU Factory Racing rider.

Inheriting the same competitive DNA as the standard version, but with an exclusive design and a specific degree of customisation. It has the essential elements for the practice of this tough speciality, which are exactly the same as those that the rider carries on his bike in the Hard Enduro World Championship.

The main differences between an Enduro and a Hard Enduro bike are, essentially, the differentiated Power Delivery and the Vehicle Protections for the harsh conditions the bike is subjected to.

It is important to note that many of the components fitted to this model are Exclusive and not found on any other version. Unlike Enduro, Hard Enduro requires immediate and explosive power delivery to be able to tackle the difficult trails of this discipline. To achieve these characteristics, changes have been made to the Cylinder, placing the Intake Transfers lower. A customised OXA "Alfredo Gómez" exhaust and a specific Keihin PWK 36 carburettor. All of this with a single purpose; to improve the performance of the bike with a total adaptation to the particularities of the Hard Enduro.

In the words of the pilot himself, Alfredo Gómez:
"To enjoy the Hard Enduro it is essential to have confidence and to approach the difficult terrain with the conviction that the bike will withstand any eventuality".

The Rieju MR HARD ENDURO Réplica Alfredo Gómez is equipped with: A thick, impact-absorbing, polycarbonate cover which, in addition to covering the lower part of the engine, extends its protection all the way to the connecting rods. Front Disc Protector, with cooling air inlets, and Polisport Fork Protector finished in Black. In addition, it incorporates Aluminium Rear Disc Protector Anodised in Red, and a very robust AXP Chain Guide also in Red, which combine perfectly with the aesthetics of the bike. The Radiators have been covered with Metallic Protectors, protecting this very sensitive element in lateral falls. It also has a very thick Machined Clutch Cover signed by RIEJU Power Parts Factory.

In addition, there are other differences in this Limited Series that are decisive for the safe practice of this speciality: such as the front and rear handles and the stainless steel footpegs with great grip, essential to hold on to the bike and exert the right and necessary force on the footpegs in a reliable way. For optimum engine cooling, an electric fan has been installed in the radiator that is automatically activated to prevent overheating, an element that is shared with the Mr Pro model and which is essential for long trials. Another distinctive and differential element of this MR HARD ENDURO is the transmission, which is shorter by including a 12-tooth sprocket, in order to achieve a more energetic power delivery where it is needed. It is also equipped with an LED Headlight, which has a high illumination capacity and incorporates a Lens Protector. As for the tyres, it is fitted with the Mitas Terraforce model, specific for this sport and the same ones that Alfredo Gómez uses in the World Championship.

It shares with the Mr Pro model the excellent Kayaba suspension, with 48mm closed cartridge fork and fully adjustable DLC anti-friction treatment bar, as well as the Kayaba shock absorber attached to connecting rods on the rear axle.

A Limited Edition with an aggressive and ground-breaking aesthetic that, together with the legendary Gomez "89" number, completes the special Hard Enduro project.

"As ambassador and developer of this project I am very happy with the result of this bike and I can assure you that, with this bike, you can participate in Hard Enduro races without having to make any modifications" Alfredo Gómez.